30 Years of Affordable Housing Development Experience

Development Experience

Qualification-Statement-1Alan B. Patricio, President of ABP Associates has been extensively involved in the development of affordable housing for the elderly and persons with disabilities for the past 30 years.

Our focus is on programs available through the federal government with a particular emphasis on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Section 202 – Supportive Housing for the Elderly and Section 811 – Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities programs.

The Section 202 and Section 811 Programs from HUD are a maze of governmental paperwork that can be simplified through the use of an experienced consultant. Our firm has developed 5,172 units of housing valued at $324,395,797.

Mr. Patricio serves as principal of ABP Associates, Inc. as well as the President of the Housing Resource Center (HRC), a non-profit corporation that provides technical assistance to other non-profit organizations and public agencies in providing affordable housing. HRC also owns and operates senior housing in several communities in north Georgia, south Georgia, and South Carolina.

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Qualification-Statement-2Because of Mr. Patricio’s long history of work with HUD offices he can assist groups in understanding the HUD programs and their processes so that a proper plan can be set in place.

As a principal in Ansley Housing Partners, Mr. Patricio has developed an 80-unit family apartment complex through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. These apartments meet a critical need for affordable family housing in Hinesville, Georgia and were built and fully occupied in 12 months.

In Kingsland, Georgia, HRC owns and manages 17 units of elderly housing known as The Cottages at Camden. We also have 35 units of elderly housing in Beaufort, South Carolina known as The Cottages at Beaufort.

Mr. Patricio has more than 25 years experience in working with developments using currently available financing tools through HUD’s FHA programs FHA 223f, FHA 221d4, FHA 221d3, and FHA 232.

In addition, he has been involved in developing one of the first Section 202 mixed income projects to use Low Income Housing Tax Credits. And he has been involved with other projects that have used Historic Tax Credits, CDBG, and HOME funding.

Preservation Experience-NHT/Enterprise Preservation Corporation’s Senior Property Preservation Program

Qualification-Statement-3In April 2014, The National Housing Trust/Enterprise (NHT/Enterprise) announced a new joint venture between NHT/Enterprise and Alan B. Patricio ABP Associates (ABP). The goal of this new project is to undertake a preservation program that focuses on preserving the Section 202 Projects that currently exist in our community.

With no new Section 202 construction, it is of vital importance that the Section 202 portfolio is preserved and when possible, improved. The focus of the joint venture will be to offer non-profit owners and sponsors a major resource as they explore ways to improve the quality of the housing services provided to their elderly residents.

We were involved with the restructuring of Briarcliff Manor in Atlanta and completed the restructuring of the project with the use of the FHA 221d3 program through, then, Capmark. Currently we are working to restructure other properties with the use of FHA refinancing.

Qualification Statement-4Most owners recognize the value of the FHA programs in offering low interest debt in conjunction with non-recourse debt combining to make a very attractive package to owners with buildings in need of repair and renovation.

Being able to look to an experienced professional to give advice is invaluable to them. Such projects have ranged in size from a 5 unit group home in rural Georgia to the 300 unit senior property currently owned by National Church Residences in Atlanta, Baptist Gardens. The process is the same: analyze the current state of the property and suggest ways to move forward.

Mr. Patricio represented HRC as part of the team assembled to redevelop a property in Decatur, Georgia once used as the Scottish Rite Crippled Children’s Hospital. Abandoned in the 60’s, the central structure was designed by noted Atlanta Architect Neel Reid. The redevelopment in partnership with another local nonprofit organization, Progressive Redevelopment, Inc. consists of 14 apartments for people with spinal cord injuries owned and operated by Shepherd Center, 13 single-family homes and a historic central facility which is fully occupied as commercial office space.

Qualification-Statement-5Prior to this, ABP Associates also assisted sponsors and purchasers under HUD’s Low Income Housing Preservation and Homeownership Resident Act (LIHPHRA) for the preservation of affordable housing for low-income families. Under LIHPRHA, ABP worked with residents and nonprofit sponsors to transfer a property where affordability restrictions were expiring to preserve the affordability of the housing. Although this program is no longer available, ABP continues to be involved with the ongoing search for additional funding resources for the preservation of this type of housing.

ABP Associates’ experience includes the following areas of assistance:

  • Advice on the financial feasibility of a project.
  • Advice on the long term obligations of sponsors and financial requirements.
  • Assistance with site selection and development.
  • Assistance with selection of the development team.
  • Liaison with local, state and federal governmental officials.
  • Assistance with all of the required submittals to appropriate government agencies.
  • Coordination and assistance for closings, construction and rehab processes and occupancy
  • Overall general project assistance.

We have provided technical assistance to sponsors to meet the housing needs of their constituents in the following states: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.