Alan B. Patricio

President, Housing Resource Center, Inc. and ABP Associates, Inc.

Alan Patricio has over 30 years of experience helping develop housing and services for the elderly and persons with disabilities, operating as a private consultant heading his own firm, ABP Associates, Inc.

His specialties are the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 202 – Supportive Housing for the Elderly and Section 811 – Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities programs. He shows clients how these programs can best be utilized to meet the housing needs of local communities.

Alan has provided technical assistance to nonprofit sponsors using both Section 202 and 811 programs to meet the housing needs of their constituents in communities throughout the Southeastern United States. His involvement has resulted in the creation of 5,172 units of housing valued at $324,395,797.

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Denise Crowder

Vice President of Asset Operations

Denise Crowder came to Housing Resource Center (HRC) in July 2011 as a self-employed, affordable-housing consultant. In January of 2014, she joined the staff as one of HRC’s housing professionals. Denise brings over 30 years of experience in multifamily housing programs. She focuses on providing quality housing and customer service for the client, each housing owner, and our organization.

Currently, Denise is vice president of asset operations at HRC. Her responsibilities for asset management include, but are not limited to: budgeting and financial management, physical aspects of property management, social aspects of property management, Human Resource management (hiring/recruiting), ensuring federal housing compliance, marketing, and coaching and implementation of ongoing corporate training programs.

Past and current areas of housing expertise, include but are not limited to those found here.

Denise Crowder’s Professional Certifications.

Kathleen Countin

Office Administrator

Kathy Countin has been with Housing Resource Center for 13 years, starting in November 2001. Her main responsibilities include managing the bank accounts and accounts payable for the 14 properties overseen by the Housing Resource Center. She also performs the same duties for ABP Associates and The Camile Pahwa Scholarship Fund.

Kathy is responsible for maintaining all property management accounting records in accordance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations and applicable OMB standards.

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